Snow Day!

Our Snow Day
I felt like a kid again, this weekend, as we got a rare March snow here in Shelby County, TN. From 3 – 6 inches – wow!

That Damned Yankee Ground Hog was right again.

My daughter Danielle, who’s about to turn 5 this week, had really never seen this much snow. So she was especially excited!

She and I built a little snow man in our front yard (well mostly I did, while she pelted me with snowballs).

Just like my siblings and I used to, when we were kids, growing up on Cessna Road in (what is now) Memphis.

Back then, there was no such thing as ‘Thinsulated’ clothing and boots. I recall, we had no gloves or mittens, so wore several pairs of old socks on our hands, which inevitably became soaked after the first few snowballs.

Anyway, it will all be gone by tomorrow, as I go back to my work and usual routines.

But it was nice to have that one beautiful white day, in place of the usual gray and lifelessness of winter here.

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