What a Great Couple!

Jim & Minnie G - 50th Wedding Anniversary

Well, here’s a wonderful, old picture that Jerry sent me – had not done anything with it yet … so, since this blog-thing is so easy, I decided to put it up here.

It’s Mamaw & Papaw (Jim & Minnie) Gillespie 50th Wedding Anniversary – awesome!

Jerry, do you (or anybody else) know when Mamaw & Papaw G wedding anniversary date is, and when this picture was taken?
Mystery Solved! – thanks to Cousin Susan G. Hanlon, this photo was taken ~ January 27, 1948 (their anniversary), which was 3 years before I was born!

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  1. cindyg Says:

    That really is a great picture!!!

    John and I recently were browsing around in an antique store and I saw several old pictures (probably taken around the same time as this because they were the same style of photography). I stopped and looked at them because it seemed sad to me that somebody’s family pictures were for sale and that probably nobody knew who the people were. Made me thankful that that has not been the case for our family history/heritage!

    Headed out of town today to go celebrate Ely’s birthday (turning 9!). So I won’t have time to try to post anything until at least next week.
    I think that you need to leave that picture up there for a while anyway!! It looks great!

    Have a terriffic weekend!


  2. shanlon Says:

    What a lovely picture of them!
    According to Mom’s records they were married on January 27, 1898
    I don’t know when the picture was taken.

  3. steveg Says:

    OK, great – thanks, Susan! Then tthat means the picture was taken sometime in 1948, right?

  4. shanlon Says:

    Yes Steve, that’s right. Thanks for the picture–it will be a very nice addition to my family album.

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