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For All Those Who Claim from Calhoun County


Here are the first of the Home Video and Audio Clips I promised. Each clip runs from 2-5 minutes. The video clips are Windows WMV files, and should launch your Windows Media Player. The audio clips are MP3 format, and should also run on your Windows Media Player. You may also save any of the files to your PC, so you can replay it, any time. You will need a high-speed Internet connection to download and play them.

If you want to add your home videos here, contact me, and I'll tell you how we can do it.

Home Video Clips

The first set below was made from an old VHS camcorder, on Saturday, March 30, 1997 (Easter weekend). Every Spring, the last few years of my Dad's life, I would go pick him up, and we'd make our annual drive down to 'Tater Town' to see the family. The last two clips are at the home of my Aunt Lib and Uncle C. O. McGreger of the Reid community. These are all PRICELESS!

Driving Through Vardaman Aunt Jimmie Lee Home Theo & Agnes Gillespie Home Jerry Gillespie & Daughters
Aunt Lib McGreger Uncle C.O. McGreger

This second set, courtesy of Cousin Glenda Donoho, is a small Gillespie family gathering on August 12, 1995, in the home of cousin Julia McQuirter Bishop and my Aunt Maylene McQuirter and Uncle Kermit McQuirter (Julia and Ginny's parents), in Memphis. It was a bitter-sweet occasion, as Julia was undergoing cancer treatment. It was also Aunt Jimmie Lee's birthday. Also present were Theo & Agnes Gillespie, Roy & Gerri Gillespie (my parents), cousins Glenda Tedder Donoho and Ginny McQuirter Slover, and myself.

Lunch at Bishop/ McQuirter Home Aunt Jimmie Lee's Birthday Celebration

Here are the first of the Home Audio Clips. Each clip runs from 2-5 minutes.

Home Audio Clips

The first set below was made from an old cassette tape recorded by my Dad, over 20 years ago. Here's the story on it:
Most Saturdays for many years as we were growing up, Daddy would break out his electric guitar, harmonica, and sometimes his steel guitar (‘hawaiin’, he called it), and sing and play away for hours on end.
But Daddy also obviously had a real sense of history.
A few months after he died, Mother was rummaging through his closet, giving old clothes to us and to Goodwill. But she also found a treasure! Tucked away in the back of the top shelf, she found an old audio cassette, all packaged and taped up. He had written his name and date on the package. But he had told no one about it.
I don’t remember the date on the package, but the tape is an assortment from several years of recording. It’s at least 20 years old.

Roy & Best Friend Talking Roy's Tall Tales Roy's Guitar Medley You Are My Sunshine

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